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Gansu Hualing Casein Co., Ltd.

Gansu Hualing Casein Co., Ltd. is located in Gansu Province, Hezuo, wholly-owned, two holding companies, is the largest of the casein product development, production and sales leading enterprises. Products exported to Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia countries and regions.

Companies full play to regional advantages, the quality of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Tibetan yak milk resources and raw materials unique to Triton, the use of advanced bio-technology, dedicated to the new environmental, safety green high-tech product development, production, dissemination and use. After years of unremitting efforts, has always been in casein production industry leading products are widely used in food, pharmaceutical and materials processing industries, the Ministry of Agriculture, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and other ministries as "the agricultural industry national key leading enterprises, "" national poverty alleviation leading enterprises, "" National High-tech Demonstration Enterprise "," Gansu agricultural exports of key enterprises. " And has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, HALA / KOSHER certification, OU-D certification, HACCP certification and national export food production company registration certificate. "Hua Ling" brand was named "Gansu Province", "Gansu Province Famous Brand", "Gansu Province focus on fostering and developing the export of the brand."

Company has always been technological innovation as the driving force of sustainable development, to optimize R & D system. Relying on "professional development sub-national agro-processing center", "Gansu casein Engineering Technology Research Center", "Gansu Province Engineering Research Center of casein" edge technology and equipment to carry out a number of new product development and product process innovation and improve product technical content. Currently, products with independent intellectual property rights of patent 10, through the identification of scientific and technological achievements, new products and technology 15, the State Science and Technology Progress Award 1, Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award 1 and third 2 .

Companies adhere to green, environmentally friendly development concept, based on the Tibetan resources to promote economic development and social progress Tibetan responsibility, relying on technological innovation to lead the development of the industry, and strive to build China's dairy protein brand, has formed a "company + base herdsman + pastoral" mode of operation of the whole industrial chain. Through the integration of Tibetan resources to build a unique casein industrial center for the company's sustainable development and implementation of international strategy to provide a strong guarantee.

Tel : 0086-931-8453045     E-mail:jinxin@casein-hualing.com
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